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Apocynaceae green.png

on Strophanthus gratus:

Now I know your name.

Be still, my heart. The arrow

Has an agenda.

This online exhibit of additional Apocynaceae works provides a wider range of plants and art styles that the pocket guide alone cannot show. Discover other genera, wonder at the different ways artists depict the same plant, and, of course, enjoy the flora.

Exhibiting Artists (in alphabetical order):

Al McKee, Alex Bauman, Catherine Economopoulos, Charlie Adamson-Hammond, Chintan Bhatt, Claudia Tong, Cynthia Wong, Emily Love, Linda Hamilton, Mirku (Mirka Walter), Neerja Chandna Peters, and Samar Ghalib Elhag.

Click on or tap each image to learn more about the artist and their work.