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This online exhibit of additional Malvaceae works provides a wider range of plants and art styles that the pocket guide alone cannot show. Discover other genera, wonder at the different ways artists depict the same plant, and, of course, enjoy the flora.


(in alphabetical order)

Aaron El Sabrout, Abbie Paulson, Adora Lau, Anat Martkovich, Andia Wornes,

Ann Fu, Carlie Howell, Charlie Adamson-Hammond, Chintan Bhatt, Claire Ross,

Claudia Tong, Daisy Kong, Deborah Torres, Donica Larade, Elena Grossi,

Fawn Brown, Giuliana Lowry, Ildiko Nova, Isola Murray, Jaylene Cabrera,

Jenna Sedlack, Konul Guliyeva, Lanna Ariel, Lariab Ahmad, Lola Muñoz,

Madison Chow, María Piedad Aguirre, Nix Brazao, Parab Dhoka, Paula Venegas, Phoenix Lacey, Raquel Maciel, Roopa S B, Salsabila Nadhif Fadhilah,

Sam McGowan, Sara Naimpour, Sine Lishe, Sinéad Day MacLeod, Sophie Wright, Stephanie Hill, Swati Kalsait-Malpute, Taryn Garrett, and Yuliia Bondar.

Click on or tap each image to learn more about the artist and their work.

The Mallow Family

These works combine several species, genera, or sub-families.

Which plants do you see?


"The ancients ate mallows..."

– Alexis Soyer,

The Pantropheon or History of Food and Its Preparation

from the Earliest Ages of the World (1853)



Named for Spanish botanist, José Antonio Pavón Jiménez.