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Al McKee, Alex Bauman, Catherine Economopoulos, Charlie Adamson-Hammond, Chintan Bhatt, Claudia Tong, Cynthia Wong, Emily Love, Linda Hamilton, Mirku (Mirka Walter), Neerja Chandna Peters, and Samar Ghalib Elhag.

artwork: Apocynum androsaemifolium by Linda Hamilton
"Spreading Dogbane" by Linda Hamilton
Apocynum androsaemifolium
I am a Canadian paper artist who creates realistic botanical sculptures. My current focus is on native wild plants and flowers. I use many types of paper as well as paint, wire, and glue in my work. I am fascinated by the biology of plants and constantly trying to learn more!

artwork: Apocynum venetum by Al McKee
"dogbane" by Al McKee
Apocynum venetum
My name is Al McKee and I am an artist based out of Edmonton, AB. I work in acrylics as well as digital art, and I love to take on new challenges to interpret nature and reality through a fantasy lens.

Artwork: "ABC Identification" by Charlie Adamson-Hammond
"ABC Identification"
by Charlie Adamson-Hammond

A - Matelea micrantha
B - Matelea biflora
C - Macroscepis sinalobolana
D - Matelea pavonii
E - Gonolobus
F - Suberogerens
G - Periploca graeca
H - Matelea cyclophylla
J - Vincetoxicum globiferum
I - Tabernaemontana divaricata
K - Matelea flavidula
L - Matelea baldwyniana
Charlie Adamson-Hammond’s work includes videos, ceramics and print, and revolves around everyday consumption and domestic life. The work frequently makes use of the photocopier to distort photographs, stock images, adverts and other found objects. Studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and Contemporary Creative Practice at the University of Plymouth. Works have been exhibited at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro; Newlyn Gallery; and the Exchange Gallery, Penzance. Currently based in Cornwall.

Stapelia gigantea
artwork: Stapelia gigantea by Catherine Economopoulos
"A Game of Giants" by Catherine Economopoulos
Stapelia gigantea
With a focus on pixel art and 8-bit style graphics, Catherine Economopoulos is an architecture student producing gamified versions of the natural and built environments of the world. She is a Greek-American designer currently based in Toronto, Ontario.

artwork: Stapelia gigantea by Cynthia Wong
"Lingering Death" by Cynthia Wong
Stapelia gigantea
During her studies at the University of Toronto, Cynthia became fascinated with parasitic plants and other intriguing ‘rulebreakers’ of the plant world, while decoding the interplay between plant hormones that regulate seed germination in parasitic plants. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain, where she continues to nurture her interest in plants by studying the genetic mechanism(s) underlying plants’ drought response. Cynthia’s illustrations offer a holistic view on the beautiful relationship between art and science that nature displays, and she hopes to inspire us to look upon nature with curious eyes and caring hearts.

photograph: Ceropegia vincifolia by Chintan Bhatt
"Lantern Flower: A Rare Wild Climber (Ceropegia vincifolia)" by Chintan Bhatt
Ceropegia vincifolia
Chintan Bhatt, has a master's degree in Plant Taxonomy from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India. He has been working with various research institutes and private companies in the field of sustainability, biodiversity and ecological restoration. He has formed a company named Redleaflet India Pvt Ltd that provides environmental solutions. He believes in preserving the real wealth which is nature.

Nerium oleander
artwork: Nerium oleander by Alex Bauman
"Oleander" by Alex Bauman
Nerium oleander
Alex Bauman is a Florida-born American/Canadian artist who works with a variety of mediums, both digital and traditional. Themes in her work often include nature, home, and identity. The spotted oleander moth, Empyreuma pugione, depicted alongside the oleander moth and their Apocynaceae host plant is one of her favorite insects.

artwork: Nerium oleander by Mirka Walter
"Oleander Nerium" by Mirku (Mirka Walter)
Nerium oleander
Mirku is a self-taught illustrator and painter. The artist is living in the Rhine city of Cologne, Germany. It was here where mirku got first in touch with surrealism, as Max Ernst was born in Brühl, a small city close to Cologne. But what especially has been influencing mirku's work and worldview is the feminist surrealism by artists such as Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo. What mirku wants to capture is the beauty, banality and brutality of the everyday, the natural world as well as the human body in motion. The artist’s favorite materials are watercolor and ink.

artwork: Nerium oleander by Samar Ghalib Elhag
a look of apocynaceae" by Samar Ghalib Elhag
Nerium oleander
I'm Samar Ghalib an artist begin to draw since I was a child, have taking course to improve my talent, I have a number of art work, and I am intend to spread my work world wide, I hope that you gonna like my work and it's my pleasure to be part of this amazing collaboration of artists and to submit my work for you.
artwork: Carulluma europaea by Claudia Tong
"A Bunch of Caralluma Europaea"
by Claudia Tong

Caralluma europaea
Claudia is on an artistic mission to give ordinary moments a chance to shine. An artist based in London and a nature lover, she discovers hidden gems of beauty in daily life and turns them into artwork, mainly in landscape and architecture. She also makes illustrations to advocate for environmental conservation, sustainability, health and wellbeing. When not making art, she works in quantitative finance and is passionate about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing.
artwork: Vinca by Emily Love
"Vinca" by Emily Love
Vinca sp.
Emily Love is an artist who studies the natural world. She makes art to express her appreciation of nature and to form a deeper understanding of her subjects. She is interested in patterns in nature, especially cyclic and fractal structures. Her painting process involves recreating her subject in layers of increasing detail. Painting realistically allows her to slow down and study form and pattern. She is intrigued by the fact that nature is both predictable and random. Each species has its particular underlying patterns but no two individuals are the same. There is dueling mathematical logic and wild chaos.

artwork: Plumeria by Neerja Chandna Peters
"Frangipani" by Neerja Chandna Peters
Plumeria sp.
I quit my practice as post graduate physician as I discovered my passion for art. I found my language in spiritual expression through abstract geometry. I work with acrylic, pen and charcoal. A third prize winner in International online biennale by IAVPOA, Lithuania, I participated in many international biennales and exhibitions, and received Critics Choice award, and Wallace Hartley World Art Day award from World University of Design, and International Association of Art (Official Partners of UNESCO) respectively. My works have been published in Bluebee magazine, London, Flora Fiction Literary Magazine and Quarantine Zine, New York, Ekimagazine Italy, Art-hole UK and Indian Creative Minds magazine.