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a bunch of is a series of pocket sciart guides to plant families that give people a
chance to discover flora through the artist's lens. No expedition necessary.

ABO1 Print Front.JPG

- 10 works from 10 artists on 10 plants

- quotes from published research papers

- floriography

- 6 panels, 12 pages

- wrapped accordion fold with gusset

- pocket-sized dimensions (10.5 cm W x 14.8 cm H)

Learn more about a bunch of or the publisher


check out the first issue, a bunch of Apocynaceae

(includes video showing the full pocket guide)

ABO1 Print Back.JPG
Rose Mallow.jpg


Ever wonder what the flower of the cacao plant looks like? What about okra? Or durian? Cotton? I definitely recall the smell of durian fruit but, until now, didn't think about what the rest of its plant looked like. Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, they all look like the hibiscus flower, a form we're probably more familiar with.

I'll admit the baobab's flower is quite out there though. Seriously, what a staminal ball (this pairing of words exists, I swear; it was published in a paper).

With the mallows, the second issue of the pocket guide is hoping for works that look at different parts of the plant. Think outside the flower, so to speak. But flowers are always welcome!


(You can submit a
max. of two works.)

  • High resolution image (300 dpi) that

    • depicts (realistic or abstract or otherwise) a plant from the Malvaceae family

    • fits in a 10.5 cm wide x 14.8 cm tall layout.

Include in its file name: Species (or genus) of the plant depicted.


  • Artist's name

  • 100-word biography

  • Website

  • Social media handles


1 August, 2023​

Rose Mallow.jpg

So what happens after?

10 works will be selected and printed in the next pocket guide. Their selection is based on presenting the diversity of the plant family (only one of each species/genus will be selected), presenting a range of artistic styles, and how the works complement each other in different folds of the guide.

All other submissions will be published in an online exhibit on this website.

Artists will be contacted with the next steps.


This is a paid opportunity. The ten printed artists will each be given a $50 CAD honorarium and a copy of the pocket guide.


There is no submission fee.

All artists will be credited and retain the copyright of their work.

Artists who have not yet been printed will be prioritized in all future issues.

Rose Mallow.jpg

Tips to boost your chances of getting printed:

Tip #1

Do some digging! Create your work based on a plant that's not so well known. The print selection is partly based on the intent to showcase a diverse range of plants. If your work is singular in covering a genus or species, your chances of getting printed will be higher.

Thank you for trusting me with your work. I'm excited to see what you make!

- Kat

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