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a bunch of is a series of pocket sciart guides to plant families

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About PLANTAGINACEAE (The Plantain Family)

First things first, let's make a very important clarification: the plantain family, weirdly enough, does not include plantains (aka cooking bananas); they belong to the Musaceae family. Any banana artworks received will be duct-taped to the wall until we get to the Musaceae issue.

So what does the plantain family include? In my opinion, this family includes some pretty theatrical plants. Snapdragon flowers can be pinched into puppets, foxgloves made a literary cameo in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, turtleheads played a significant role in the first episode of Central Park, and toadflaxes love and hate the spotlight. Their penchant for storytelling might even call for formats that would capture certain movements or soliloquies. A comic perhaps? Film still?

This family also has a handful of...
I'm not saying it'd be cool to have an underwater plant, but it'd be cool to have an underwater plant. Or a partially-submerged-in-water plant. Or a on-the-surface-of-water plant.

With this family's particular mix, this issue is gonna be... interesting... I hope!
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This is a paid opportunity. There is no submission fee.​ The ten printed artists will each be given a $50 CAD honorarium and a copy of the pocket guide. The selection of works is based on presenting the diversity of the plant family (only one of each species/genus will be selected), presenting a range of artistic styles, and how the works complement each other in different folds of the guide.​

Works not selected for print will be published in an online exhibit on this website. Artists who have not yet been printed will be prioritized in all future issues.

All artists will be credited and retain the copyright of their work.​


Max. two works
High resolution image (300 dpi)
Must depict (realistic or abstract or otherwise) a plant from the Plantaginaceae family
Must fit within a 10.5 cm wide x 14.8 cm tall layout (portrait orientation is preferred)
Include in file name: species/genus of the plant + art medium + your name
Artist's name
100-word biography
Website and/or social media handles
1 June, 2024
Feel free to reach out if you need a bit more time.

Tips to boost your chances of getting printed

TIP #1
Do some digging! Create your work based on a plant that's not so well known. The print selection is partly based on the intent to showcase a diverse range of plants. If your work is singular in covering a genus or species, your chances of getting printed will be higher.
TIP #2
Make sure your images are of high enough quality to be printed beautifully. 300 dpi is the minimum standard. File size is a non-issue. If it's not quite there, you're still welcome to submit them for the online exhibit.
TIP #3
If you want to include multiple plants in your work, ensure the plant you're mainly depicting is the focus of the work. Otherwise, the work will be fast-tracked for the online exhibit.
TIP #4
This might seem obvious.. but please check that your plant is from the correct family! Submissions received on plants outside the current issue's family will be kept on file for future issues, but there's no telling when the issue on that plant will be produced.