a bunch of Malvaceae

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This pocket guide covers the Malvaceae (or mallow) family. Do good with marsh mallows, turn to hollyhock for ideas, be gentle with hibiscus, and come together in love under a linden tree.

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Sphaeralcea coccinea by Abbie Paulson

I am a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys exploring the natural world through a variety of mediums and experimenting with new techniques. My current work primarily makes use of printmaking, specifically using watercolours to create monotype forms.

Additionally, with my background in science, I try to create visually representative work that highlights the connection between these two fields.



Abelmoschus moschatus by Aissa Domingo

Aissa Domingo is an artist, photographer, and illustrator from the National Museum of the Philippines. Since 2010, her scientific illustrations and photographs of animals, plants, and fossils have been published in several scientific journals. She led the reconstructive painting of both replica and actual taxidermy specimen of “Lolong”, a famous giant crocodile with taxidermists, researchers, and scientists. As an artist in a scientific institution, she developed her skill in understanding the synergy between the sciences and arts and the convergence of these important disciplines, for a better appreciation of the wealth and beauty of the natural history of the Philippines.




Ayenia fruticosa by Daniela Guerra²

The work of Daniela Guerra² (Monterrey, 2000) indulges two main slopes which are communicated through space and materiality in mediums such as oil paint, drawing and sculpture. Her ideologic investigation and semiotic about the feminine body, particularly the vulva, allude to a collective womanly suffering that through corporality desmitifies the previous conceptions of the relation between body and sexuality and forces us to rethink this symbols as their own. On the other hand, her botanical investigations, pigmented of activism, advocate for the value of biodiversity of the flora and fauna in urban construction. The small details in her illustrations invite us to observe our surroundings through contemplation and symbiosis.


Adansonia sp. by Galadriel Watson

During a long career as a writer (for outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post, alongside 24 children’s non-fiction books and the occasional published comic), Galadriel Watson recently decided to undertake a new creative outlet: linocutting. She adores the meditative aspect of the carving and finds it fascinating how the process adds so-called “flaws” during each step to create the unique, handmade final. So far her style is eclectic as she tries out different subjects and complexities. Her goal is to publish her artwork broadly and begin to sell it online and at fairs.



Cristaria glaucophylla by María Piedad Aguirre

María Piedad Aguirre is a visual artist, photographer and architect from Chile. Her work explores painting and experimental photographic techniques such as cyanotype and anthotype in order to explore new graphic languages, create natural imaginaries and showcase the landscape of northern Chile through printed art.



Sterculia quadrifida by Markiz Kras

I'm a Graphics student at Warsaw School of Information Technology in Poland. I take interest in a variety of mediums such as painting, graphics, digital, jewelry and for this artwork I choose acrylic paint. In my art, I like to cover topics of nature and human anatomy. I find visuals of biological structures to be thrilling to explore and deform. Stylistically, my main sources of inspiration are post-impressionism and fauvism.


Alcea rosea by Mehrin Haseeb

Artist/Designer from Karachi, Pakistan. Currently enrolled in the Graduate program at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, I have an MFA from the Punjab University and have attended courses and collaborated with various institutes in Pakistan and the U.K. I trained in a western classical studio practice, then studied tradition and history with the Prince’s School of Traditional Art U.K/ VMCTA Karachi. Now I explore Geometry, History, Nature and an undeniable link to the Divine in paintings and craftwork.





Hibiscus sabdariffa by Rooha Ahmed

Rooha Ahmed is an illustrator based outside Toronto, Ontario, focusing on storybook illustration and character design. Inspired by fantasy, nature and South Asian culture, she works in traditional and digital mediums to create narrative-driven illustrations. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Illustration from OCAD University.



Eremalche rotundifolia by Tanisa

Tanisa is a visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As an intricate observer of animals and plants, she creates illustrations as a love letter to her muses. She often produces art in celebration of the bond between human frameworks and non-human subjects. Her work has been shown in Indonesia and the United States, and can also be found in print. She also holds a BSc in environmental science. Outside the studio, she can be found gardening, learning languages, or at the library.



Bombax ceiba by Yuliia Khovbosha

"Rebirth. Bombax Ceiba"

Yuliia Khovbosha is a Ukrainian artist who had to leave her homeland due to war and a threat to her life. Since January 2023, Yuliia has resided in Nova Scotia, Canada. Born in a small town in Central Ukraine, she moved to the megapolis. After graduating as a Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts, Yuliia worked for several years as a TV-director. In her sculptures, she always tries to capture the beauty of an ordinary green leaf, flower petal, or mysterious mushroom, using various mediums to deliver her message and help the audience to notice how complex and amazing our planet is.



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